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Join us out of everyday life and into nature!

On our guided hikes you will feel close to nature and learn useful hiking knowledge.

Our tours are genuine, inmersive, personal and private. We put a lot of love into what we do: we want to show you why we love this nature and lifestyle as much as we do!

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Where nature meets culture in the Nærøyfjord

Nærøyfjorden is one of the most spectacular fjords of Norway. Snowy mountains loom high above this narrow strip of greenish blue water. Waterfalls send meltwater cascading down the sheer cliffs. By the fjord lies a small village and scenic farms. This unique mix of beautiful fjord nature and a living culture has granted this region a well earned spot on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

Rimstigen provides a spectacular hiking route to the mountains high above the fjord, through lush forests and up steep rocky steps.

Voss - a hiking destination

Voss, where high mountain nature meets fjord nature.

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What others say about our hiking trips?

Peri Özdemir
UNESCO Rimstigen

I had a wonderful hike in Rimstigen with My! It was such a great 6 hours hiking and connecting with nature. My was very friendly and super nice! Thank you very much for such a lovely experience. Hope to do more hikes in Norway in the future 💙

Jack Staid
Oksen - The view of Hardanger

I had an incredible hike of Oksen with Wild Voss! They made sure I was prepared, even loaning me some gear I was missing, and were super friendly and professional. It was a highlight of my entire trip to Norway. Highly recommended.

Thehelea Harris
Kiellandbu - the cabin with a magical view

We had the time of our lives, seeing absolutely stunning views the whole length of the outing. The wet weather we had dampened our clothes only, it did not touch the experience. And we were provided extra clothes to stay warm and relatively dry as well, which was very much appreciated! We had the amazing and reliable David as our guide. We expected a group setting for what we paid and got a privately guided hike instead, and could not have asked for a better experience.

Oksen - The view of Hardanger

A panoramic view of the Hardangerfjord. Standing tall and proud, the mountain named Oksen (1241) provides a spectacular view of the whole Hardanger region. From its peak we get an exceptional birds eye perspective of four surrounding fjords, two glaciers, the impressive Hardanger bridge and the lush greenery of the Hardanger villages.

More hikes with Wild Voss

Wild Voss provide private triops for different hiking levels. Customised trips, several day trips, company trips, trail running, boat + hiking...

the guides' expertise

As an approved organizing company in the Norwegian Mountain Sports Forum (NF), we only use certified tour guides with solid competence. All our tour guides are certified with a bachelor's degree in outdoor life, certified summer and winter tour leaders and certified in outdoor first aid. Our tour leaders are passionate, share their experiences and their insight, and ensure that you receive practical and relevant high-quality learning experiences.

Real outdoor experiences

Through our tours, past participants have gained invaluable skills that have been used in real-life situations. Feel free to read some of the participants' recommendations that show how the knowledge and skills from our trips have contributed to meaningful experiences.

Why choose Wild Voss?

By choosing Wild Voss, you are choosing a partner who is dedicated to your safety and learning. Our tours are genuine, inmersive, personal and private. We put a lot of love into what we do. We want to show you why we love this landscape and lifestyle as much as we do.

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