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Advanced Summer Hikes

Kiellandbu Summer Hike - Voss - Norway - Wild Voss

Join us on this hike to the magical mountain cabin of Kiellandbu. A very accessible hike where you get everything you are looking for : mountains, rivers, fjords, glaciers, and typical Western Norwegian weather. 
A hike with some breathtaking views that will be difficult to forget! 

Price for 1 adult:

Kr 1590,-

Daily Departures
1 June - 31 Oc


Experience a wild hike, at the entrance of the raw and beautiful Raundalen Valley! King Sverre Sigurdsson and his army of Birkebeiner managed their way through this gorge when retreating from Voss in late 1177 - the trail they followed was named Sverrestigen since then.

Price for 1 adult:

Kr 1450,-

Daily Departures

10 May - 20 October


Come with us on this long, spectacular hike above the now famous, Unesco-registered Nærøyfjord. 

A unique experience of both deep valleys and high mountains, in a highly preserved natural environment, with waterfalls, snowy summits and beautiful lakes!

And sure, you won't forget the view from 1189m straight over the fjord!

Price for 1 adult:

fra Kr 1490,-

Daily Departures

15 June - 10 October