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Bli med oss på tur i fjella rundt Voss 

Våre sommarturar i 2019

Behind misty mountains, on the edge of a precipice, lies the small cabin called Kiellandbu. This is truly one of our favourite places! On a sunny day we prepare coffee right outside the cabin, while absorbing the spectacular scenery in front of us. The trip starts from Hamlagrø, a few kilometres north of the cabin. We follow marked paths through the pleasant and friendly nature typical of this region.  


Price: NOK 1290 per person. Length:  5-6 hours. Difficulty: Easy/moderate. Family friendly.


Let one of our experienced guides take you on this world-class hike to the beautiful mountain called Breiskrednosi. From the summit we marvel at the amazing view of the UNESCO Nærøyfjord, 1189 meters below us. Even if the summit is spectacular positioned, the terrain is friendly and non-technical. This is considered a demanding hike, covering a wild, varied and rugged mountain landscape.  

Price: NOK 1490 per person. Length:  7-9 hours. Difficulty: Strenuous.

On this hike you will learn about the local building traditions and how previous generations used the surrounding nature to survive. This knowledge is an important part of the local culture, which is now slowly being forgotten. Our guide and carpenter, Jean-Christophe, takes you to the old farm called Hustveit, where he will talk about the various buildings, how they were built and what it was like to live there. Key topics are log houses, "grindbygg", masonry and use of hand tools.  

Price: NOK 1150 per person. Length: 5-6 hours. Difficulty: Easy. Family friendly.

An ascent of Lønahorgi

This is a demanding, round-trip of a hike that will take you to the top of Lønahorgi (1410), one of the most prominent landmarks of Voss! The summit is easily accessible from Voss Resort, but we opt for a steeper, rarely used route from the East. Along the way we pass charming mountain farms, wild waterfalls and grazing farm animals. We return towards Voss Resort, following a gravel road. 


Price: NOK 1490 per person. Length: 7-8 hours. Difficulty: Strenuous.

Raundalen is a mountain valley that stretches from the landmark of Rastalii to Upsete. Thanks to its wild nature and interesting history, Raundalen is the perfect valley for hiking. A rare gem, just a few minutes out of Voss!


Sverrestigen is one of the most remarkable trails in Raundalen. The trail starts where a deep gorge shapes an impressive entrance gate to the valley. From here we follow in the footsteps of the Viking King named Sverre Sigurdsson, who discovered this route in 1177!


Price: NOK 1150 per person. Lenght: 5-6 hours. Dificulty: Moderate/challenging. 

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