Avalanche courses

Your guide to safety in avalanche terrain

At Wild Voss, we offer avalanche courses that not only teach you to recognize danger, but also how to navigate safely in avalanche-prone terrain. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of ski enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to experienced skiers.

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Ski touring course

An avalanche course for ski touring enthusiasts!

Our 20-hour ski touring course gives you the avalanche knowledge you need to manage you own safe ski touring trips! You get two full days out ski touring with learning points along the way. You will learn to recognizing avalanche terrain, plan and execute your own tours while picking up signs of avalanche danger.

The course is based in Voss, so we have a short drive to a number of great skiing areas. This means that we can easily adapt the trips to weather and snow conditions. This way we get efficient days with a lot of learning, even in the middle of winter.

Read in this blogg-article our ski touring course minute-by-minute.

Ski touring weekend in Elva Hotell

All our activities can be combined with other experiences in Voss. If you want to enjoy top quality food and accommodation as well, we can highly recommend a top tour weekend at Elva Hotell!

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What others say about our avalanche courses?

Catty Pearson
6 Day-trip with avalanche course

Had such an incredible week learning to ski tour whilst on their avalanche course, I think it’s my new favourite sport. We were generally the only people wherever we went and had the most incredible fresh powder to ski down on, complete dream, plus I really feel I understand avalanches a lot better than I did! 

Anders Bjaaland
Dagskurs i kameratredning i skred

Med kun teoretiske kurs i bagasjen så vi behovet for å praktisere både ny og tidligere kunnskap før årets alpetur.  Dagen ble tilpasset våre behov, og vi satt alle igjen med en «aha»-opplevelse over hvor mye lærdom et praksis kurs faktisk kan gi. 

Marita Silberg
Skredkurs for damer

Kurset gav en god innføring i skredlære, ta trygge valg ute i fjellet, og ikke minst god praktisk erfaring! Følte meg rett og slett tryggere etter endt kurs. Wild Voss har kompetente og engasjert instruktører! De besitter mye kunnskap som de er gode til å formidle.

Understand avalanche danger

Avalanches represent one of the biggest dangers in the winter mountains. Our courses start with the basics of how and why avalanches occur. Learn more about factors such as weather conditions, snow layering, terrain, and how these elements interact to create avalanche danger. This knowledge is crucial for making safe decisions in the winter mountains.

Day course in identifying avalanche terrain This day course is a low-threshold course that gives you an understanding of avalanche terrain, and helps you feel safer on a ski trip. You can take this course if you are a complete beginner to avalanche science, or if you want to brush up on old knowledge. When you feel you need more top-up, you can build on with more advanced courses.

More avalanche courses with Wild Voss

We offer several types of avalanche courses, adapted to different skill levels. Follow the links to fuller course descriptions and sign up for one of our courses:

Our instructors' expertise

Our instructors are not only passionate about the joy of skiing and safety, but also have extensive experience and certified avalanche knowledge. We are an approved guiding company in the Norwegian Mountain Sports Forum (NF), we only use certified avalanche instructors with solid competence. Our instructors share their experience and insight, and ensure that you receive practical and relevant high-quality training.

From course to practice

Through our courses, previous course participants have gained invaluable skills that have been used in real situations. Feel free to read some of the participants' recommendations which show how the knowledge and skills from our courses have contributed to safer mountain trips.

Why choose Wild Voss?

By choosing Wild Voss for your avalanche course, you are choosing a partner who is dedicated to your safety and learning. Our courses are comprehensive, practical and adapted to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to enjoy great ski trips in the winter mountains.

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