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Klatring på Lønahorgi, Voss. Ruta heter "Pionerruta".

Climbing in Lønahorgi

The north-east wall of Lønahorgi is wild, beautiful, and has an almost alpine character. The crack formations are dense in this part of the wall. The rock is compact and has high friction, and the routes are generally well secured.

Klatreopplevelse på Staup, Voss.

Climbing in Staup, Voss.

Just north of the center of Voss are the beautiful climbing cliffs called Staup. Easy routes, idyllic surroundings, good rock quality and a short distance to Voss make this an attractive climbing area for many. Here you will find the information you need and a climbing guide for Staup.


The best places for Climbing in Voss

The extreme sports village of Voss is known for river kayaking, rafting, aerial sports, trail cycling and skiing. But did you know that Voss also has high-quality bouldering, sport climbing and multi-pich climbing?


Voss. The ski capital of Norway and the fjords.

Welcome to Voss, a skier paradise in the heart of the Fjords, With the two biggest ski resorts in Norway and close proximity to Sogn and Hardanger. Voss is known as the extreme sports capital of Norway and is an obvious destination for powder laps in the forest, freeride terrain and world class ski touring high above the fjords. Discover this and more about what Voss has to offer in the winter and spring.

Ski touring Oksen. Voss. Fjordview.

Best ski touring trips with a fjord view from Voss.

Voss is a fantastic base for discovering the fjord region of Norway with skis. Although Voss is not exactly coastal, it is equidistant from Hardanger and Sogn, the two longest and most dominant fjords in Norway. From the mountains of Voss you can access breathtaking views high above the fjords.

Ski og tog i Raundalen

Ski and Train in Raundalen. (with video)

Take the regional train from Voss. Sit down and have a coffee while adjusting your ski boots and looking at the beautiful scenery. Fifteen minutes later we arrive in winter wonderland. Off the train and right into the skis, ready to go. What a cool concept, right?

Kiellandbu tur

Top 5 fjord hikes in Norway

Welcome to fjord Norway, one of the most impressive places in the world to hike. Norway is a big country, full of beauty and some hidden gems.That is why we want you to focus on the best fjord hikes that are within close reach.