Rock climbing courses

Your guide to safety in the mountains

Learn what it takes to climb safely on your own. Our NF-certified instructors know the mountains of Voss and the fjord region. We arrange climbing courses for beginners and advanced climbers, both in the cragg and in the high mountains.

Our most popular formats are:

-Introduction course to climbing. (2 days).
-Course in mountain climbing. Learn how to climb with trad gear. (2,5 ; 3 or 5 days).
-Course in buddy rescue. (2 or 3 days).
-Alpine course. (6 days).

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Master the techniques for safe climbing

This course gives the participants an introduction to the techniques and skills needed to climb routes that are secured with bolts. The course is practical oriented with a lot of climbing time. An important goal is for the participants to feel mastery and the joy of climbing outside.

After completing the introductory climbing course, you will have what it takes to climb safely and self suficient together with friends and family - both indoors and outdoors. Experience the pleasure of vertical life!

Voss a climbing destination

At Voss there is climbing for all levels and interests! From scenic lowland cliffs with a short approach to high mountain multi-pitch routes in powerful surroundings.

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What others say about our climbing courses?

Marita Silberg
Mountain climbing course (multi-pitch)

Kurset gav en god innføring i fjellklatring, ta trygge valg ute i fjellet, og ikke minst god praktisk erfaring! Følte meg rett og slett tryggere etter endt kurs. Wild Voss har kompetente og engasjert instruktører! De besitter mye kunnskap som de er gode til å formidle.

Andrew Cory
Climbing experience in Staup

Went on a rock climbing outing with Øystein and could not have wished for a better experience.
His friendliness, knowledge, and passion made the trip unforgettable.

Sebastian A.
Climbing experience in Sotra (Bergen)

We did the climbing experience with Carlos and it was absolutely amazing. Thank you Carlos!

Course in mountain climbing

3 day advanced climbing course

Do you dream of climbing long routes or climbing sharp mountain peaks? Have you climbed for some time on bolted routes and indoors and are looking for your next step? Learning to trad climb will open you the gates for climbing that do not have bolts or fixed gear - both in the high mountains and in the cragg. With this 30-hour course you will take your climbing a step further and become a more complete climber!

More climbing courses with Wild Voss

We offer several types of climbing courses, adapted to different skill levels. Send us an email with your skills, experience and ambitions, and we will propose you a working plan for a personalised course.

Our instructors' expertise

Our instructors are not only passionate about the joy of climbing and safety, but also have extensive experience and are certified high mountain climbing instructors. We are an approved guiding company in the Norwegian Mountain Sports Forum (NF), we only use certified climbing instructors with solid competence. Our instructors share their experience and insight, and ensure that you receive practical and relevant high-quality training.

From course to practice

Through our courses, previous course participants have gained invaluable skills that have been used in real situations. Feel free to read some of the participants' recommendations which show how the knowledge and skills from our courses have contributed to safer mountain trips.

Why choose Wild Voss?

By choosing Wild Voss for your climbing course, you are choosing a partner who is dedicated to your safety and learning. Our courses are comprehensive, practical and adapted to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to enjoy memorable climbing experiences.

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Are you ready to take your climbing experiences one step further? Do you need additional advice and more information? With us, good advice is free! Feel free to contact us for more information.

Send an email or call Øystein on +47 93484041.