Ski og tog i Raundalen

Ski and Train in Raundalen. (with video)

Skiing the most spectacular inland valley in Norway. This is definitely a dramatic statement, but there are some big facts for supporting it. We get deep in the details further down, but for now on; guided ski touring, right from the train! The cleanest and fastest access to some of the best ski terrain in Voss. That in itself is a very cool concept.

Take the regional train from Voss. Sit down and have a coffee while adjusting your ski boots and looking at the beautiful scenery. Fifteen minutes later we arrive in winter wonderland. Off the train and right into the skis, ready to go. What a cool concept right? For those that have never tried train and ski, it is actually a blessing not having to deal with car on icy roads. It is also the cleanest and most ecological access to some of the best ski terrain in Voss.

Raundalen has an impactful nature with its rivers, waterfalls, forests, valleys and mountains. In the upper part of the Raundalen valley, stations are close together allowing for interesting linkups and traverses. Here the winter comes early and lasts long. Welcome to the best place in Norway, (and perhaps in Europe?) for “train and ski”. 

In this particular video we decided to do a link up through Eilivseggi and Rustedalseggi. We linked the stations of Upsete and Ljøsandbotn. This circuit gives broad and mellow flanks perfect for cruising in powder or spring snow. Here the sky feels open and close to you. We love this place in spring, or on sunny winter days. It works well for ski touring gear, telemark and cross country skis. At the same time it is very friendly terrain for beginners and families.

Raundalen offers a much broader palet of terrain. There is really good forest skiing in close proximity to the train, awesome for powder laps in february. You can also find big alpine mountains with steep faces to ski, mellow ridges and possibilities for long traverses.

Are you looking for a tougher tour?

From Raundalen we can reach the mountains of Raundalsryggen, perfekt for alpine terrain. Here we organise steeper skiing in spring, courses in ski alpinism as well as we run our most popular guided tour, the traverse of the Raundals ridge, Raundalsryggen in Norwegian. We actually have a full description of this beast of almost 2000 meters of vertical gain over 18,5km. The description is in Norwegian, but again, you should find in this link more than enough ressources for helping set you on the right track.

The magical river: Raundalselvi.

The river system of Raundalen is a wander on itself. This is the last big norwegian river system that is protected and does not have any big dam, or water retention system. The rock of the whole valley, is different from most of the Norwegian bedrock. Here anorthocite is abundant. That is a funny rock, hard to find on earth, but actually quite present in the moon. Curiosities apart, this rock has a high amount of aluminum that gives this incredible shiny silver and turquoise colour to its waters and mountains. When we post photos of the Raundalselvi in spring and summer, with bright light, often people ask us if that is real. But even in winter, with colder light, the show is amazing. Let us prove it with our video of snowshoeing along the river.

A PDF mini guide to ski touring in the region Voss.

Wild Voss has a downloadable PDF with 4×3 ski touring tour descriptions. They are thorough, have a map with marked routes and evaluation points of possible dangers. This micro guide has 4 categories and 3 tours per category (hence 4×3). One of the categories is actually ski and train in Raundalen. Here you can download the PDF. Please consider that it is in Norwegian. However with the pictures, maps, statistics and a bit of help of google translate, we believe it should be more than enough for setting you on the right track.

Interested on a guided ski and train experience?

Our guides will make sure they find the right objective for you, considering your level, your ambitions and the actual conditions. Learn about safe travel, avalanche terrain and what to consider when making your own decisions in the backcountry, while skiing with a close and personal guide. Do you have some questions? Do not hesitate on writing to us at

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