The best places for Climbing in Voss

The extreme sports village of Voss is known for river kayaking, rafting, aerial sports, trail cycling and skiing. But did you know that Voss also has high-quality bouldering, sport climbing and multi-pich climbing? For those who prefer steep outdoor activities on sunny cliffs, there are plenty of climbing opportunities. 

We have selected four climbing areas that we can safely recommend to those of you who are looking for great climbing in Voss. At Voss there is climbing for all levels and interests! For each climbing area, you can click on to a more thorough description of the climb, recommended routes, photos, directions and sources of more information.

Staup (Staupsberget) – Bolstad (Nåli) – Lønahorgi – Møn

In the last two paragraphs, which are about customs and usage and what you can do instead of climbing on rainy days.At Wild Voss, good advice is free, so you can always contact us if you have any questions about the climbing conditions, routes, necessary equipment or anything else.

Interested in learning more or experiencing climbing for the first time?

Wild Voss organises open and private climbing experiences in Voss. We do sport climbing and rappel in Staup and guide multipich climbs in Lønahorgi. If climbing is the main purpose of your trip to Norway, you can hire us for several day and we will take you to the best crags and big walls that this region of Norway can offer. We are good at chasing the weather windows in different areas and making great trips happen.

At the same time we have a wide selection of climbing courses. From weekend courses in sport climbing and trad climbing to 4 day complete course in mountain climbing, including buddy rescue and sleeping in a tent in an alpine environment. We also arrange a 7 day Alpine course, including glacier and ridge navigation in the biggest mountains of Norway. All our instructors are certified by NKF. We can do private courses in English and in other languages such as French and Spanish.
Check out our offer of climbing courses and climbing experiences.

The four best climbing areas in Voss
Staup (Staupsberget)

Klatreopplevelse på Staup, Voss.

Staup is a newly developed and scenic lowland cliff with a short approach. Here you will find both bolted and trad routes. Perfect for new climbers, intermediate climbers and families with children!

Read more about Staup.

Bolstad (Nåli)

An impressive rock wall with easily accessible bolted routes of the highest quality. Here you will find some of Western Norway’s most beautiful bolted routes over several rope lengths. A mecca for seasoned sport climbers!

Read more about Bolstad.

East spur in Lønahorgi

Klatring på Lønahorgi, Voss. Ruta heter "Pionerruta".

On the east pillar of Lønahorgi you will find climbing lines with high mountain quality in powerful surroundings. The routes have a length of 3-5 rope lengths. Here, the opportunities are still great for first ascents. The formation-rich rock offers easy, well-secured rock climbing with rappel return. Perfect training for alpine climbing trips!

Here you will find more information and a climbing guide for Lønahorgi.


Buldring på Møn, Voss.

Here you will find easily accessible bouldering on exquisite rock just outside Voss. The field is well suited for a social and intensive bouldering session together with good friends. The forest terrain and the lower rocks offer nice play areas for children.

Read more about bouldering on Møn.

Here you will find climbing in Voss

Practice and use on the climbing craggs

Remember that climbing mostly takes place on someone else’s property. You are allowed to climb, but you must still respect the landowners and show consideration:

  • Take back with you all the garbage that you generated, including food scraps. Feel free to pick up other people’s rubbish too.
  • Bonfires are generally not permitted anywhere during the summer months. If you consider it completely safe, then use established campfires and bring your own firewood. Always turn off the fire properly before leaving.
  • Do you have to go to the bathroom? Move away from paths, roads climbing cliffs, streams and waterways. Do not leave toilet paper behind. Cover or bury your poo.
  • Do not stress or disturb grazing animals. This also applies to the car journey to the climb. Dogs are kept on a leash. Close the gates.
  • Park so that others can get by. Pay parking fee.
  • Do you want to set up a tent or spend the night? You can do that if you are in the countryside and far enough away from houses and cabins. In doubt? Ask the landowner first.
  • Avoid unnecessary noise on the climbing area.

Tips for rainy days

Packrafting. This summer 2023 we are launching pack rafting. The perfect river activity that combines the best of rafting, river kayaking and outdoor lifestyle. If you are in Voss and it happens to be a rainy week, that only means better conditions for paddling!

Voss Bowling offers bowling alleys, darts, billiards and serving both food and drink. A super indoor play park for the children ensures that all age groups find something to enjoy here.

Vossabadet offers three pools of different lengths, a diving tower, a water slide and a sauna. Attractive place for recovery, well-being and general body care.

Hang out at Tre Brør café and bar on the town square. Sit at a corner table under the parasols on the outside, and ensure a steady flow of coffee and other treats while you gaze at all the interesting people walking by. If the weather is really sour, then you should consider going into the bar in the basement and study the selection of locally produced beers and sides.

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